Broken Compass – Áttaviltur Etudes

Direct translation would be brotin áttaviti; but in short, a clever translation could be àttaviltur – átta is like direction – base word before grammar changes it in use in a sentence is átt, but also means to own something. You own – þú átt. Viltur is to get lost, but it also means to be wild.

A broken compass can get you lost, but when you get lost you can find something.

And I think it could make you go back to the wild


– Tanya Pollock


Dust Veil Sketch# 2

Part of a work in progress, very rough around the edges, but I might as well share it as I usually put these sketches up privately on Youtube for me to refer to and the section where I explore my female sexuality around 2/3rds in won’t be in the final piece so it’s kind of an easter egg.


Sound goes out of sync towards the end as i was editing on a bus  but it’s not meant to be a finished or polished piece and this gives a better stereo image from the Zoom recorder.