Other Tracks

Abridged & Automated cover of Tony Conrad’s ‘Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain’

Avant Garde Meditation Music

Experimenting With Shamanic Drum & loopstation


Process Piece from Community Consultation

Unconditional Blues Requiem (4 Track Tape Collage, 2005)

Etude for Two Ears Grazing (2009)

Perhaps I need singing lessons

Bake Placid (Multitrack Tape Collage, 2001)

Installed on this Edge feat. Katie Young

(Process Piece, 2006, Leeds Met)

Elektrodiesel: Improvised Concerto for Eclectic Instrumentation (Live 2001)

c2z plays sampler, drill, chest of drawers; Live @ Hull Adelphi 2001, performing with Elektrodiesel, Helmut Lemke, Bruch Hitchcock, Chris Gladwin

Live Remix Work (2008)

The Clauberg Opera: Help Me I Am In Hell (2006)

Neural Eiderdown (4 Track Tape Collage, 1998)

Drowning Thru Honey (Live Jam 2007)

c2z plays keys, Gornje: synth, Felix: Drums

Hello Void (Live Jam 2007)

c2z plays guitar, Gornje: synth, Felix: Drums

Sigur Rós/Vicky Foster Mashup

‘Snatch’ on BBC Radio, 2011

Pretty sure this track doesn’t appear anywhere else and the program file is buried on a hardrive somewhere so won’t be showing it’s face anytime soon. Enjoy 🙂