Movement practitioner, sonic artist, and transgender advocate Annabel Strange works to create unique experiences, in performance, installation, and community development.

Founding member of Growing Your Creative Space, the Artists’ Wellbeing Experience, and the Aberdeen Occult & Avant Garde Society, Annie has worked with organisations, community groups, and artist collectives to bring people together with unique events, talks, and workshops.

With a creative practice that knows no bounds, Annie develops solo contemporary dance and performance art shows, produces live electronic music, and works with shamanic practice, ritual, vocal improvisation and film.

Organising events and cultural education programmes to coordinate cultural exchanges between Scotland, Yorkshire, and the Nordic region, Annie works with schools and community groups to co-create collaborative compositions and sonic art installations with a priority for sharing tools for developing cultural and social resiliency to help children and young people to make the leap from consumers to creators; and also the priority of exploring cultural links between the folklore and Scandinavian roots in coastal towns and islands of Yorkshire, Scotland, and the Northern archipelagos and similarities in contemporary culture both in the U.K. and the Scandinavian region; in addition to teaching inclusive free sound editing classes and working with local community groups to develop sound installations or working logistics for local groups and organisations to realise the sound elements of their projects. See the ‘Projects’ tab for more up to date info.

In addition to independent practice as an artist, Annie is always working towards developing links between people, groups, and resources, working with communities to create long term cultural engagement projects and encouraging engagement in the arts for wellbeing; as well as providing live sound for community projects, managing stages and pop-up bars at local events, proofreading, and private tutoring from ages 7-39 and beyond for academic skills or remedial core skills.