Second Album and Shetland Story

My second ‘studio’ album is finally released on all good streaming platforms today.

Recorded between Scotland, Shetland, Iceland, and the Faroes between 2019-2022.

In other news, my short story ‘Less Than Baleful’ was included in Northlink’s Onward Voyager anthology, you can read the story on page 27 of this handy downloadable PDF >>> Here <<<

They didn’t include the glossary of colloquialisms I included in the text, so here it is for reference:


corbie – raven

Dewar-bottle – flask for maintaining liquid temperature

heiðaberries – crowberries of the heath

limpit-grease –  fishing bait, parboiled limpets held in the mouth

faerdie-maet – food for a journey

piltack – a mature pollock 

shalder – oystercatcher

shoormal – where shore meets sea, the high water mark, sound of waves meeting land

sillack – a young pollock

simmer-dim – midnight sun of late spring into early summer, never sets for long

skerry – a rock out to sea, not quite an island

þarn – paralysis in fear

wastwind – strong winds blowing from the west

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