Autoharp Jam + Selkie Story

Seems I’m slacking off, forgetting to share my work on here lately!

Recently obtained an autoharp, and whilst waiting for the device that tunes it to scale it up to other instruments for future recording, I recorded a little jam with the mini harp, then added a timestretched version along underneath it. Interesting results I also applied to recording myself jamming with a legit concert harp which I’ll post shortly once it uploads.

In other news, here’s our entry for the John Byrne Award – unsuccessful as fa as I can gather, but nice to have our ‘audiobook with a pulse’ considered. One of my solo stories from the same set will be published by the Northlink Ferry group who run the ferries to Shetland and Orkney. Some great winners in there from writers that more likely actually live in Shetland. Watch this space.

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