Recent Recordings

Just back from the Faroes and Iceland, made heaps of recordings in different places…

A timely reminder to always carry my Zoom recorder as all these were recorded with my iPhone – don’t judge the sound quality! These are all unedited and I’ve thus far only worked with material from my phone, the album Njuggelswater is still in progress with better quality recordings in Aberdeen, the Faroes, Iceland, Shetland, and other places in Scotland. After the G! Festival was cancelled, I realised there was no sense in rushing the album.

At least I made it to G! Website, here’s a description of the performance I plan to do next year >>> LINK <<<

In other news, it was nice to finally get a face to face with Heðin Ziska Davidsen and discuss Bridging the Gap…as the island was being locked down due to the dreaded C, we weren’t able to arrange any workshops to create material for the project; but he was nice enough to show me around his studio – amid a forest Matthew and I hadn’t spotted on our exploration of Farose forests – and he was so chilled and humble that he didn’t even mention he was about to play for the Queen of Denmark an hour later!

Heðin with one of the boats I left for him to play around with

I also managed to tape an awesome interview with Óskar Guðjónsson of Icelandic jazz band, ADHD which is being transcribed for edit and hopefully release soon. There’s not enough info about ADHD available in English online, so this is the start of a bigger interview project where I plan to interview them all and shed some light on how they came to be. Watch this space!

Whilst it might seem a little magical for the Faroes, I took this completely un-edited photo on Kunoy whilst Matthew Workman and I were exploring the ‘Viðarlundin’ forest parks across the largely deforested Faroes; so there will be a post about that soon and hopefully an exciting podcast recording when Matthew gets back to the States.

Loads of exciting stuff to share but this is all for now. Enjoy the sounds of island improvisation and look out for the album soon for better audio work!

Here is the unedited improvisations I recorded on my phone:

Below is the FaceBook live video of my improvisation at the old oil tank in the Herring Era Museum, Siglufjörður.

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