Fever Dreams Remix Album has Arrived

Many thanks to Rebecca Ramnauth for the cover artwork, Toby Borrow for the outboard mastering in Australia; and to all my awesome badass friends for their hard work on making these awesome, dark, and elaborate Fever Dreams come true.

Special thanks to Tyla-Joe for starting the ball rolling by asking to revisit his remix of Mother Lode on account of feeling like he didn’t do it justice the first time; back when we would connect through gigs between Hull and Goole and get our work played on BBC Radio Humberside.

Now he’s in Italy and I’m in Scotland, but it’s in the spirit of that shared scene of Nintendocore that I decided to bring my friends together to curate this album, and that faith was spawned by Tyla-Joe getting in touch and having that faith in my work and my faith in my friends to create something dank and true.

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