Writer at Work!

So nice for cafes to start reopening, even nicer to be able to leave the house and work out in the sun or sat in a bookshop!

Working on adding a wee card trick to the book, so had to buy some cards to play around with on the ferry over to Lerwick last week (pic outside Coffee Culture, Lerwick), and editing the 39,189 words of the current progress on the first volume of ‘The Eliza Daring Escapades’ in Books & Beans, Aberdeen (delightful pics taken by Louise Balaguer).

As much as I find working out of the house distracting, it certainly gives me more drive to get the work done and to make better work to be witnessed in progress!

Fun and games, how I have missed the distractions of the outdoors compared to sitting hunched over the keyboard in my living room!

And the coffee is great here too, not to mention being surrounded by lots of lovely books.

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