Muvver’s Ruin/Both Sides of the Coin

Finally edited the performance from Body Landscapes in Copenhagen last year with Performance Køkkenet; this montage includes practice footage from 3 and a half countries – Iceland, Scotland, Denmark, and the Faroese Cultural House in Copenhagen.



And here is my performance video selected by Performance Køkkenet in Copenhagen for their Qu(art)antine open call, shot in Aberdeen during my first self isolation period prior to the national lockdown.



Beating Both Sides of the Coin – 25th March 2020 – Hardgate, Aberdeen.

Alongside a candlelit ritual of throwing coins into the water and washing hands, the title is a play on binaural beats – ‘using two audio signals which need not be audible in order to create a third and centred frequency which the brain assembles by finding the difference in the two feeds’. One, a message sent numerous times via Messenger regarding care during quarantine, and another more hopeful message about how the world has since been calmed in crisis. Please find your own message in the difference between the two.


Credits: Voice 1 anon/voice 2 Katrina Pinn/edit by Drymouth

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