Muvver’s Ruin Denmark + quick update

I’ll be performing at Body Landscapes Festival of Performance Arts, Union København (Nørre Allé 7), at 18:30 on the 9th of October.

Some slides from the performance scratches:


In other news, here’s Lou Hazelwood & Barbara Grabher’s project I helped voice last year:



And here are some pics from the graduation event of the GUSAC sound art summer school at Gotenberg University of Mains, Germany last month:


Photo credit: Martina Pipprich, Mainz


Finally, it was so awesome to be in Aberdeen in time to perform at the fantastic trans & non-binary to the front edition last week – for those who were unable to attend, here’s one of the poems I wrote especially for the event; writing three poems in the space of a week isn’t easy, especially when you’re traditionally identifying as poetrary non-binary.


The one featured here had been long in the making through developing the concepts and began over two years ago at Pansy Boy‘s set during the first BBC Contains Strong Language festival in Hull; and has since been silenced by a so-called journalist.

Not any more.


Here it is in entirety:


for Pansy Boy

Annabel Strange, Aberdeen, September 2019

This isn’t really poetry

It’s the story

Of a thought process 

Let’s start a movement.


Research has shown that those of us that move 

Are more perceptive of movement 

(Citation needed)

(Jola & Calmeiro 2017)

And what is movement?


It’s a language 

What do we tell people with our movement?

How we feel.


And that flit feel of the pansy,

The classic dipped wrist *

Which is usually more something like this *

It’s a sign of a fluidity of movement


Fluidity of perception


So I saw Pansy Boy speak

And found that ‘pansy’

Was a homophobic slur

It comes from the Latin – Pense- to think.


to the ‘heteronormative’,

To flit 

and think

 is seen 

As an insult



Having the ridonculous body I do,

I often have to tell myself to pull it together

I used to call myself a ‘pussy’ – like, ‘stop being such a pussy’.

And I saw that quote it now turns out was misattributed to Betty White

*citation needed*

That we shouldn’t ‘grow a pair’ – 


It’s balls that are weak – 

The humble ‘pussy’ 


Those things can really take a pounding.

*no citation needed*

So, this word was out, 

in the context of my inner monologue and, well, it’s oppressive.

So what could I replace that word with?

‘Stop being such a pansy’

But then as I heard Pansy Boy speak, I realised,

That word, too, is the tool of the oppressor.

The ‘hate-riarchy’, if you will.

So I thought to myself,

What word should I replace it with?

And as I announced, my on the spot epiphany in the Q&A of Pansy Boy’s show, and much to the chagrin of my buttoned down and heteronormative then girlfriend,

That we shouldn’t be shaming ourselves for being weak.

The act of consideration means an act of replacement,


As we’re working on repairing our world 

We get pause to see what needs replacing

from what comes from a hate model we no longer need






Let’s start a movement.

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