Teddy Bears’ Knitting Picnic

Join Annie and Aberdonian folklorist Fiona-Jane Brown for a teddy bears’ picnic with a twist!

We will be meeting on Union Terrace Gardens (between Union Street & Rosemount Viaduct) in Aberdeen on Saturday, May the 4th between 12:30-3PM.

We will be bringing our teddies. We hope to meet your teddies too!

From chatting about knitting and teddy bears, and how relaxing it is to keep life that simple, we wanted to share with you a piece of our wellbeing practice.

We will provide some basic materials for learning to knit, and in a friendly and supportive environment, we hope you learn to relax creatively!

We only ask that alcohol and politics are avoided.

This is an informal hangout, so please bring whatever you can to the picnic blanket, or just yourself. No obligation. No surrender!

Hope to see you there, here’s the FB event to connect and keep up to date and remember:

May the Fourth is about taking time out for celebrating our inner child, for allowing ourselves to relax and play. It’s not just for Star Wars fans!

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