Wet Floor/Pregnant Pause



c2z has been most busy attending amazing workshops with Suzi Cunningham and Oona Doherty; we are so thankful to City Moves Aberdeen and their amazing Dancelive festival for arranging this and the events which continue to inspire.

We recently had the good fortune to undertake a surgery with Bush Hartshorn who was pleased with our exclamation that before we found dance, we didn’t consider ourselves to have a political voice – you can quote us on that, Bush.


So this week we have largely been preparing for our performative lecture of ‘Pregnant Pause: The Living Moment – Shamanism and the Body as Tool for Social Change’ (full video in preparation, pictures by Lise Olsen above and below); in addition to beginning practice for a dance endurance project set to take over urban spaces as soon as time, weather, and schedules allow – here is the first taste of what will become the Wet Floor project:


[Documentation of ‘Pregnant Pause: The Living Moment’ by Lise Olsen below]



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