General News, October

Feeling inspired up in Aberdeen, dance project in development but nice to jam with myself:


Collaborate with Silent Chaos and Aberdeen Intuitive Music under the moniker of ‘Something Ensemble’ up in Auchenblae:


And make silly composite videos:

Also great to have visited the Performance Kokkone International Festival of Performing Arts earlier this month:

Heaps more in the pipeline, Glad to say the second iteration of Headstart Hull’s ‘You Are Not Alone’ project at Victoria Pier had a successful month and will be back up at Scale Lane Bridge in Hull from the 15th December to 15th of January and I gather this will be the last opportunity to witness this exciting project in its current form:

IMG_0667Further creative plans afoot including a composite barbershop composition for voices, concert at Belmont Picturehouse on Tuesday 23rd of October and a long term development with Raspberry Pi will materialise when it’s ready:


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