Documentation from ‘Only What You Take With You’

Photos by Anna Bean

28th June 2018 For Humber Street Gallery in Association with Ground Gallery Please submit thoughts and responses to: countessdazure (at) gmail (dot) com Music: • Regina Spektor – 20 Years of Snow • Ethel Leginska – Dance of a Puppet Script: You might struggle to use the changing room because it’s women only Maybe that’s part of the problem. It’s a bit of a funny crossover, because it’s supposed to be non-gendered, but still evoke a bit of what it is Mmmhmm We could ask for some help I don’t know quite what I’m asking for Excuse me Hello Hi, I don’t suppose you have experience selling bras to men do you? Erm, I have but I’m just with a customer at the moment Ok so is there someone else? Or Yeah, [REDACTED]? Would you be able to get [REDACTED] to help us with the gent, just that I’m doing a fitting? Or if you can? Which gentleman This one here If it’s about lingerie I’ll get [REDACTED] She’ll get somebody for you Okay thank you I kinda feel like black works but maybe something like something that’s fairly colourful but not too in your face like So patterned or Yeah They’ve got a patterned one down there Yeah so like I’m thinking black or pink are like distinctive obvious colours…I want something a bit more Subtle Yeah, well, like, more like, not so much subtle, just like, you know, something a bit more unique Hi Hi I’ve never bought a bra before and I’d like some help being fitted and I need some help deciding which bra Right what sort of bra was you after Erm well it’s got to be something practical in so much as it can be and, I don’t know, just something sort of fairly nice Something colourful Yeah, so like something not pink, not black, I mean I’m liking the idea of this, something like fairly colourful I’ll just get you a tape, I won’t be a minute It’s to measure your back size I used to work here on the express food tills one Christmas Awe I didn’t get any sunlight and kinda lost the plot a bit It’s summer solstice isn’t it I’m just going to put this tape round your chest, OK? Do you want my bag off? No you’re alright I’ve got my hand stuck somewhere People’ll be wondering what I’m doing Stay as long as you like So part of it is that I don’t really know how the measuring system works and cup sizes and that Right so just relax lovey. You measure an 18. You do measure forty two around there so normally, I’d drop an inch to a forty. You could try a 38 or a 40 That’s inches? That’s inches yeah Would that be to give me a bit of breathing space? Well yeah, it would because bras stretch, the tape doesn’t Yeah? Flexible material.


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