Countess D’Azure @Humber Street Gallery

Countess D’Azure – Only What You Take With You (Etude)

Counting to Zero begins the discussion around themes of gender, language, social inclusion and change; with this contemporary dance performance for Ground Gallery at Humber Street Gallery on the 28th of June 2018.


The audience will have a script of the bra fitting process to read out at random as they see fit during the performance. This fragmented anecdote sets out to encapsulate a ‘reversed one-sided dialogue’ between the artist and participants in seeking to find new ways of dissemination, cross pollination, and discussion towards social change. The language of gender is pervasive in a culture and associations within our idiomatic template distort the aggregate meanings of the words through the agenda of the ruling class. These distortions have been left unchecked for too long, gently coaxing the collective subconscious to maintain a ‘balanced’ patriarchy which leaves human rights as the lowest priority. Without challenging these distortions as they manifest in our own behaviour, we casually and subconsciously subscribe to the misogynistic hierarchy; so the closer we are to that hierarchy, the more imperative it is that we act, make mistakes openly, reflect on those mistakes, hold a safe space for the discussion of said mistakes, and all move on towards a world where we don’t judge what we could never comprehend and where we cease to allow these distortions of our language subconscious control over our conscious actions.

Event details HERE

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Many thanks to The McGuires for the loan of practice space


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