Spectra 2018

Thank Art Group

A massive hats off and heap of gratitude to Curated Place for arranging another banger of a light and sound festival which I was proud to participate in both as sound recordist for the live music and in the above pictured life modelling shoot (Including my former BA Sonic Arts tutor, Helmut Lemke); though the opportunity to attend the conference and meet with such an awesome array of creators and dreamers was a sheer privilege and I’ll be spending the next several months unpacking all I learned and discovered, and creating with this new knowledge, inspiration, and increased sure-footedness of approach.


Though the wifi was gash, I finally managed to upload the festival mixtape on the Saturday so head over to Soundcloud to check it out or look up the ‘Mixtapes’ section above to find others from my stash including the previous ‘tapes I knocked together for previous work with Curated Place.



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