New Tracks & Mini Tour

Exciting things in store…


New track ‘DP’ up on Soundcloud


Playing 5 gigs over 3 days next week, tour video to follow.

Dates are:


Monday 13th 9PM Carpe Diem, Leeds

” ” 10.30PM Riverside, Selby (Battle of The Bands)

Tuesday 14th Polar Bear, Hull (Polar Opposites)

Saturday 18th Ringside, Hull (360 Live)

” ” Fruit, Hull (360 Live)

Finally, c2z’s cover of Basil Poledouris’ Robocop theme played on BBC Radio,

Listen in on iPlayer for the next 6 days HERE track is around 1H 30M into the show.


See you all down the front line ❤

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